Well-trained young people are the highly-skilled workforce and managers of the future and thus ensure sustainable innovativeness andcompetitiveness for European companies.  For this reason, it is vital to establish an integrated methodology to optimise links between schools and industry.

With this in mind, the EU project TAKE TECH has been developed to serve as an instrument to address, in a sustainable way, the current shortage of personnel in the technical and scientific field in Europe.


What is TAKE TECH?

TAKE TECH offers both schools and companies a wide range of services and useful tools to establish contact with each other and to optimise common activities in all phases of their partnerships with the aim of increasing interest in jobs in the technical and scientific branch.


Preparation Phase

Making contact, planning and coordinating joint tasks, defining common objectives.



Design and execution of a company visit tailored to the target group, evaluation of potential links between the 

school curriculum and industry-related content, proposals regarding how to make a positive impression within the target group, evaluation tools for company visits.


Review Phase

Measures to maintain existing partnerships, tools to sustain and strengthen partnerships between schools and industry.


All TAKE TECH proposals, tools and techniques guarantee optimum cooperation between schools and industry.  TAKE TECH has played a large part in prompting students to take up jobs in the technical and scientific field and in this way helps the European Union to exploit the potential of school goers so that we can secure Europe’s economic sustainability.